Tharo, meaning three in Sesotho, is the outfitter company owned by Dr JC Kriek and encompasses a true African safari by focussing on sustainable utilisation through fair chase hunting at Mattanu Private Game Reserve, run by the Kriek family.

We decided on Tharo as Nature (Habitat and Area), the experience and the client are the 3 most important factors on any visit to Africa.

Dr JC Kriek is regarded as one of the pioneers of the organised wildlife industry in South Africa having started with wildife imports in the early 1980’s. Having the opportunity to spent time with Dr Kriek and his sons Jacques and Johann, as professional hunters, during your visit motivated us to formalise a fresh approach to present to the hunting fraternity.

Mattanu has a unique habitat and presents a different environment and selection of species. Great food, wine selections, hospitality, activities and owner involvement come standard at any of the properties we might decide to hunt at. Tharo Safaris believes in rendering a complete service and experience equal to none and with a size of 12000 acres of privately owned land, we have developed the whole wildlife value chain in the very successful wildlife economy and conservation story of South Africa.

Central South Africa’s Northern Cape province/state is known for its diversity in cultures, habitats, species, friendliness and boast with the lowest crime rate in South Africa. The province is free of Malaria and the most sparsely populated state in SA and with Tharo having access to numerous hunting areas, accounting for thousands of acres in the province and nationally, we will endeavour to meet your every trophy and habitat preference.

We prefer to hunt at one reserve only about 55km from the Kimberley airport and easily accessible by road or air transfer. With Johannesburg about 450km to the north and Cape Town about 900km south, Kimberley is accessible by commercial airplane from all major airports within 1-1.5 hours. We also have a private airstrip should you wish to transfer directly to us from anywhere in SA.

We are a family friendly destination with numerous activities and experiences catering for the whole family so whether traveling alone, with a group of friends or family we are the preferred choice in creating your ultimate African safari.

Left to right: Jacques Kriek, Dr Johan Kriek and Johann Kriek.